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Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Make Passive Income by Writing for eHow

I've heard about eHow a while ago but I was skeptical. At last I decided to give it a try. It turns out to be true and I made my first few bucks in just a week with a few simple articles. How awesome it is! See my proof:

If you want to earn some extra cash or passive income working from home, write for eHow. Many people even making a living just by writing for ehow. Here are some simple steps to begin:
  1. Go to and register for an account. It's Free. You don't have to pay a dime. But you need to give your tax information. You can start writing right after registration.
  2. Pick a topic that you have in mind. You can write about what you like or your hobbies. I think it is best to write what you like because your articles will turn out great and it will attract more readers. But if you don't have a topic in mind, do not worry. Ehow gives you a list of requested topics you can write about. Ehow will embed ads into your articles. The more people view ads, the more money you make. Think about it.
  3. Use simple sentences, words. You don't need to follow academic grammar rule. Be simple and informative. That's what readers want.
  4. Remember to put keywords in your articles. Think about what people will search in Google or Yahoo. If you use the right keywords, you will attract more readers. That's how you make more money.
  5. Find pictures for your articles. Pictures mean thousand words. You can post your photos or find some relevant photos on the internet as long as you cite it correctly. However, photo is not required.
  6. After completing your articles, you should put them in correct categories. You can add many categories as they are applicable to.
  7. And finally you can add keywords to the keyword section. Remember to use keywords in each step as well.
  8. After submitting your article, eHow will review and publish it, usually 1-2 days. And you can revise it as frequent as you want.

It usually takes me 10-15 minutes for a article and these articles keep generating money for me. (See my eHow on the right hand side.) I really enjoy eHow. Give it a try and you won regret. Good luck.

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