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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Automate Twitter Posts

To continue with my twitter series, I'd like to share some tips on automating your tweets. It's a good practice to save your time and to give your audience updates promptly.
Here are some simple steps:

  1. Use one of free automate twitter websites. You can go with a paid service to have a better GUI, feature, but I think Free service is sufficient. I use futuretweets.
  2. Go to futuretweet. Login with your tweeter account and allow it to access your account.
  3. Type some tweet and then set time/date you want to post tweet and finally save the posts
  4. You can schedule as many tweets as you want. It previously has recurring feature however it is taken off due to new twitter policy.
  5. Twitter allows only 140 characters per post. If have a long link, you should shorten it with (it's free)
  6. What I did was to schedule tweets for a whole week or for every 2 weeks and let set it aside. That helps me to get organized, planning and can concentrate on other tasks as well.

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