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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Make Money by Selling Book on

Many of you may have read my previous articles about How to Sell Books on Amazon. This article is its extention. If you have been in the book selling business, you know how important it is to attract more customers or in other words, to increase your sales.
One way to do that is to increase your market presence. I am already a seller on Amazon and now I am expanding book selling business to
It's an Ebay own company, however, it's totally FREE to list book and only collects commission if the item is sold. And you can list books, textbook, movies, music, games, etc. To start selling on, you can follow simple steps below:

  1. Register to be a seller on Even though you have Ebay ID, you still need to register as a seller on Go to, click on My Account link at the top of the page to log in to your account. you can use the same user Ebay name/password for
  2. Click the "Start Selling Now" link in the "Selling" box on the left side of the page.
  3. You need to enter credit card and phone to verify your identity
  4. Enter your direct deposit information so you can receive payments. It's your checking account. will not deposit to saving account.
  5. Choose the shipping methods. You have to support Media Mail, but you can also offer Expedited Mail. You will get shipping credit reimbursement depending on the shipping method.
  6. Click on "Register" and it's done.
  7. You can start listing right after registration and you can do a single listing or multiple listings or bulk listings.
  8. You also have option to list books on Ebay marketplace as well, but you have to be Business or Premium verified Paypal account (you have to pay a small fee). And listing fee may apply if item is sold on eBay.
  9. The good thing is, your feedback for will be counted as Ebay feedback, so it really increases your Ebay reputation if you do good on
  10. When your item is sold, Half will charge commission and what you will receive is selling price of item sold - commission + shipping reimbursement. For more commission rate:
Remember you have to pay the extra if your shipping cost is more than your shipping credit. For more info is currently available on US only, so US residents, take your advantage now.

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