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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Make Money with

As part of my journey to find financial freedom, I have started a small online business to sell beauty supply and my goal is to sell authentic products with reasonable price. I first listed my products on but then decided to find ebay alternatives because ebay costs more than the profit I could make. It does not mean that I am totally against ebay. It is still a very good marketplace that I can use to promote my product. I will discuss this in another article.

In this article, I'd like to introduce as one alternative to . It offers many advantages including but not limited to 100% free market place, no listing fee, no commission, no charge of any kind. It's designed as a store front where you can list as many products as you like. You can offer both google checkout and paypal as payment methods.
The design is so easy and straight forward to work with and you can give it a try by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to and click on Login/Register where you specify your user name, password, etc.
  2. After register completes, you can list your items immediately.
  3. You can create custom categories for your store or select universal ones from the list
  4. Add product description and image. Blujay does not have strict restriction on image size or dimension. It allows you to add up to 4 images per product.
  5. To save time, you can select 'Copy Ads' and modify the ads so that you don't have to enter data many times
  6. Blujay will submit your listings to Google product and it's a plus because your listings can be found easily with search engine.
  7. You will get email notification when an item is sold. And you can view your order and update your status and contact your customer, etc.
  8. Blujay is simple, but sufficient for you to start your business. You don't need a sophisticated tool to start your small business while you have not made enough project to cover the cost piling up on the other side.
  9. One drawback of blujay is that it does not have feedback system where buyers can rate sellers. This feature is really a must for some sellers and who need that would also try ecrater. I have an article on ecrater as well.
If you have shopping mood today, visit my stores and my blog and let me know what you think: or or 

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