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Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Make Money on

After expanding to market place, I expanded my online business of selling authentic beauty supply to as another step on my quest of financial freedom. eCrater is pretty new but it soon gains its popularity as an eBay alternative but its greatest advantage is 100% FREE martket place and moreover, you can create as many eCrater store as you like.
eCrater is designed as a store front and it also has feedback system as eBay does. It's traffic is pretty good and it auto submits your listing to Google products. It's simple to get started selling on eCrater: here are steps I took:

  1. Register on eCrater with username/password. If you sell on many martket place, it's best to use the same user name so your customers can recognize you.
  2. Select payment options: it's best to offer both google checkout and paypal
  3. Setup Category and select represent category pictures to show on your store's home page
  4. Create Product and upload upto 10 images/product. Your product image is best when it's in square and min 250x250. If you don't see the images after uploading, it may because your browse is not configured to show temporary files stored at port 8080. After a few days you will see these images after they are moved to a permanent place on the server. Only a few users face this issue and I am one of them. 
  5. Configure shipping policy, US sale tax, etc. 
  6. Upload your logo and put some text on your homepage to tell what your store is about
  7. Then you are ready to take order.
  8. To promote your store, you can join eCrater community to promote your store and learn different ways to promote your store from other sellers
  9. Another cool feature of eCrater is you can create a widget and add it to your blog or other website.
If you like to see how an eCrater store looks like, visit my store: I also have other stores and of course my blog where I write journal of financial freedom steps I tokk: I would appreciate any feedback for improvement.

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